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What is the AMBC ? The AMBC is an orginization created by Fredericka Wagner ( Foundation Breeder ,active breeder and President of the AMBC ) and Connie Hammond ( Vice -President of the AMBC and active breeder) The AMBC is a group of voted in breeders that have the same goals, integrity and gaurdianship for the breed.The American Mastiff is a very rare breed and very protected as well. Our goal as Approved breeders is to keep and imporve all of the American Mastiff standards. Standards are a guidline in regards to the confirmation of the breed, the color,the temperment,and the markings. American Mastiffs come in a verioty of colors." Always" having a black mask the American Mastiffs come in a Fawn color ( yellowish ), apricot color ( Orange to red hugh ) Fawn brindle ( Blk with slight yellowing lines through out the body )  Apricot Brindle ( same as the fawn brindle just and orangeish mix ) and one more and my favorite the Reverse brindle ( Fawn with blaCk stripes )

   When purchasing an AM be sure to purchase one from an AMBC aproved breeder. If they are not AMBC aproved their liniage  will not trace back to the foundation breeder ( Flying W Farms ) There are alot of people trying to mock the breed so do your homework and get educated on the AWSOME American Mastiffs before purchasing your new family member.



     An American Mastiff needs three essential things in this order to become a good dog. 1.Exercise 2.Directions/rules and 3.Love . If you can not offer your AM these three things please reconsider.
    The AMs have the potential to become wonderful family dogs if properly raised. Socializing is very important part of the commitment to owning an AM or any other puppy for that matter. The AMs thrive on direction but with out it become very needy and insecure. At 177 lb an insecure puppy is not a good thing.Trust me ! If you and or your family is/are at all passive you probably should reconsider your breed. The Am's need firm guidance and strict rules. The reward is Huge if done properly but equally the same if done wrong.
    Please think the whole puppy process through. Talk to several breeders . Find the breeder and dogs that you most prefer,and If any doubts arise in regards to purchasing a puppy, again don't commit until 110% sure about your( and your families )commitment level.You can plan on a 10 to 14 yr commitment if you adopt an AM. That is, if you are a responsible, commited owner and manage your AM'S health and weight properly. The American Mastiffs average standard ranges from 130 to 200 lb, 26 to 34 inches at the shoulder,( give or take ) Come in various colors, Fawn, Apricot, Silver Fawn, Fawn Brindle, Apricot Brindle, and Reverse Brindle. American Mastiffs ALWAYS have a black mask.From time to time a breeder will get what I ( we ) call a "Fluffy" which is a throw back from the Anatolian lineage.Head can vary between a Boxy look to what I call a balanced head, being not as boxy but balanced. Temperament is strong willed,very intelligent, kind and a natural and instinctive guardian. Willing to please and good family dogs ( with the proper family and proper training and socialization )

The American Mastiff is similar to the English Mastiff but please know that the Americans do differ. The AM's Are instinctive guardians, they need a job, need stern leadership, and demand daily exercise. The American Mastiff will follow you from room to room, room to shower, shower to room and so on. The OEM? Likely to pick the spot that he can see everybody from with out having to get up. If raised in the proper enviroment the AMs have great potential of being your best dog ever owned BUT please keep in mind, they need daily exercize,attention and training. If you are consistant in your household with rules and demands you will have a great dog. If you can not give your AM these things, why then maybe it isn't the AM that you are looking for and you might consider an English Mastiff.The English Mastiffs are wonderful family dogs that enjoy hanging out. They are less active and will not take you for that 1.5mile family walk.They have a bit of a dumpy appearance when compared to the AMs. The Ams are more athletic and tend to be a bit tighter bodied VS the English are happy on the front porch and have that cute dumpy look. Both breeds make great family pets but if it is the AMs that you are looking for be ready for the commitment. If you tend to be a bit of a" push over" The AM is probably not the breed for you. Talk with several breeders before commiting as well as visit their facilities / homes. Have fun !

                Welcome to
"Capell Creek Ranch and Kennels"



WAITING LISTCapell Creek Puppies prices vary .I , Like all of the other AMBC approved breeders have an evaluation process as well as a waiting list. If interested in adopting a Capell Creek AM, to be accepted and approved to be  on the waiting list I first ask for a short story about your family, Married? Kids? Ages? Own or rent? Family activities? Families energy level? Why do you  want an AM? Who is home during the  day? recommendations ! etc. If accepted I then ask for a $300.00 deposit ( non-refundable).This deposit will hold you and your family a spot on the Capell Creek waiting list. When received you are then added to the waiting list. Wait time is aprox 2 months to 1 yr.
     Our puppies are very socialized. They live on a ranch with lots of other dogs , big and small, Children,chickens, cats, horses, cows,sheep,goats etc. We always have a lot of kids running around and the puppies are handled and loved daily. All puppies go to their new homes at 7 weeks of age. ALL puppies are sold with a "binding" Neuter / spay contract and agreement. All puppies are sold for pet purpose only and are to be altered between the ages of 8-10 months followed with a certificate of spay / neuter to be presented to the breeder Cameran Pridmore of Capell Creek Kennels. All puppies go home Vet checked, Vaccinated, wormed, micro-chipped, having never seen nor felt a flea,clean, happy and well socialized pups.
      My goal is to make you happy and want this experience to be a great one. please feel free to contact me via E-mail @ lotsaminis@aol.comor phone.in the AM from 8-10 @ 707-363-7998 and after 10 AM @707-363-7998 I look forward to meeting you on your PPD ( Puppy Pick up Day )