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As a breeder of the American Mastiff and at one time and another many other breeds, I enjoy my work but will be the first one to say that I have come very close to throwing in the towel many of times. The reward in what I do is the happy faces, the giggling kids when their new puppy licks their precious little face for the first time, the Thank you notes,the family pictures that include their AM. and the funny stories that the kids tell me about the first time they visited our ranch. One specific story, this cute little four yr old girl that was visiting one of our open houses had helped herself to the breakfast table, picked up a donut and turned around to find KUMAR in her face. Now Kumar knows not to take food from children but his salivary glands wouldn't turn off, he drooled all over her donut. ( Keep in mind and I am not to proud to say that I drool when their is a donut around )Kumar never took the donut, nor did he put his mouth on it , he was just at the right level and so was the little girl. She now shares the story with anybody that mentions KUMAR'S name : ) Love that one !

Contact Me

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