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Recomended Products

If your getting close to your PPD you are probably in an excited state of panic. what do I need for my puppy on PPD ?The items listed below are products that I personally use and very much appreciate.


Your puppy will go home with a collar, a Harness and a 6 foot leash.The harness is for the purpose of the car ride home. you are welcome to bring a crate but 10 to 1 it wont like it and the puppy will likely end up in someones lap. I highly suggest sitting next to the puppy on the seat while your puppy is safely seat belted or harnessed in.I will assist you with this on PPD. I reccomend bringing a bowl for water,your puppy will have a stuffed animal that smells like his fam, this will help him during his transition.You will have kibble and some bones as well as a couple of his/her toys.A bathroom rug with the no slip backing works beautifully for the seat. So I suggest bringing a bowl,a bathroom rug  and a family member as well as a driver.Thats it,oh and a camera  = )

Recommended products:
*Retractable leash / FLEXI 16 ft retractable lead for a medium dog.( Pet Edge .com )
*Life Stages dog Crate / MIDWEST ( two doors for better options.) 48x30x33 give or take (Jeffers Pet.com or Pet Edge.com )
*Interactive Toys / Busy BuddyKibble Nibble / Bob-A-Lot (Jeffers Pet.com or Pet Edge.com) I put a different kind of kibble in the treat ball than what is offered as their normal diet.
*Continuous food dispencer / Le Bistro ,holds 20 lb of kibble and or 5 gal of water.and or ( JeffersPet.com or Pet Edge.com )
   stainless steel bowls, no tip bowls!! Stainless steel helps avoid bacteria.
*Delux Telescoping Dog Ramp / Aluminum and plastic ( Foster and Smith .com )
* Kuranda dog cot / all aluminum frame with Tell them you have an American Mastiff XL (KURANDA.com)
* Bones !!! All kinds of chew bones. Rawhide, Stinky sticks ( Costco ) Greenies XL , Nyla Bones BIGGER the better !!



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